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The advantages and disadvantages of metal casting and sand casting!

Sand casting, as the name suggests, uses the sand mold as the basic mold, and the metal solution is poured to form the desired casting. At present, iron, steel and many non-ferrous metals can be obtained by this method. Its advantages are: low material prices, easy access, adaptability, and a wide range of applications, whether […]

Importance of casting molds in sand casting

The factory refers to the casting mold as the “mother of casting”, which can be said to be a high-level summary of the role and status of casting molds in casting production. It is called “mother”. One of them is because in the factory, all the castings are made by molding the sand mold, and […]

Heat treatment technology and method for casting mold

With the continuous improvement of science and technology, the mold industry has gradually become an indispensable product in the manufacturing and manufacturing enterprises, resulting in a large increase in the number of molds. As the number of molds increases, people gradually become more and more demanding. Among them, the casting mold is a typical representative […]

Lost mold of motor casing

R&D background: As of 2017, China’s total installed capacity of electric motors has reached more than 400 million kW, and the annual power consumption has reached 1.2 trillion kWh, accounting for 60% of the country’s total electricity consumption, accounting for 80% of industrial electricity consumption, including fans, pumps and compressors. The total installed capacity has […]

Special requirements for molten iron in lost foam casting

The quality of molten iron has a great influence on the lost cast iron parts. The influence of improper misalignment temperature on the defects of lost cast iron parts and the requirements of hot metal quality of different cast iron parts are analyzed. The measures and adjustment methods to prevent casting defects are analyzed. Lost […]

How to obtain a uniform density of lost foam pre-expanded beads

The density of the lost foam pre-expanded beads determines the density and degree of fusion of the various parts of the die, and the quality of the die determines the quality of the casting. The main factors affecting the density of the pre-expanded beads of the lost foam are the quality of the raw materials […]

Automatic ejection for the application of lost foam technology

One of the characteristics of the mold-molding mold is that hot steam and cooling water need to be introduced into the closed mold gas chamber to mature and cool the foam particles, which is different from the molding environment of molds such as plastic molds, metal molds and die-casting molds. The mold needs to form […]

Application of lost foam coating on large mold castings

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the production and use of large-scale stamping parts has increased sharply, and the demand for medium and large-sized molds has also increased significantly. In recent years, a large number of researches and practices have shown that the yield strength of nodular cast iron is higher than that […]

Lost mold structure and adhesive mold structure

According to the sharding scheme, the gearbox needs to be divided into 2 sets of fully automatic lost foam molds and 1 set of adhesive molds. According to the foundry manufacturer’s automatic vertical forming machine and vertical automatic glue machine, the lost mold structure and adhesive The modular structure uses the following scheme: First, the […]

Lost mold for aluminum alloy gearbox

The production of aluminum alloy castings by the lost foam process has become an unstoppable trend. Cylinder top cover, new energy vehicle gearbox, heavy truck gearbox, etc., have gradually realized mass production in China, especially the mass production of 12-speed truck gearboxes. It marks the arrival of a new era of China’s lost foam aluminum […]