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Dear Sir,Good day ! We hereby sincerely invite you and your company represeniatives to visit our booth at NEW CAST 2019 5th International Trade Fair for Castings Dusseldorf. We’re the biggest mould manufacture and foundry in China,our main business are Lost Foam Mould, Moulding Line Mould(KW,HWS, GF,DISA), Cold Core Box Mould, Hot CoreBox Mould and […]

The sand molding process plays an important role in the casting production process, which directly affects the quality level, production cost, production efficiency and environmental pollution degree of the casting. The sand casting method can be divided into two categories: physical hardening modeling method and chemical modeling method. The physical hardening modeling methods mainly include […]

Single cylinder body mould

Blanks of lost foam casting mold parts are generally formed by forging, and the purpose of forging is to obtain a certain geometric shape, so as to save raw materials, save processing time and reduce cost. First. Forging temperature The initial recrystallization temperature of steel is about 727 ° C, but 800 ° C is […]


Lost foam casting, also called solid casting, is a model of a foam model with the same shape and shape as the casting. After brushing the refractory paint and drying it, it is buried in the dry sand and is molded under vacuum and under vacuum. The gasification of the model, the liquid metal occupying […]

Cylinder casting

Although the application of lost foam casting technology in China has been slow, it has developed rapidly in recent years. In particular, due to the low investment in lost foam casting equipment and short process routes, many original small and medium-sized foundry companies are increasingly adopting this technology. However, some companies have failed to pay […]

cylinder liner Engine block2

Large cylinder diameter wet diesel engine cylinder liner (≥φ125), usually used for single casting. According to the traditional mold design process, the produced blank is heavier, the casting cost is higher, and the machining allowance is large. Therefore, it is imperative to reduce the weight of the cast blank and thus reduce the machining allowance. […]

alloy aluminum casting

While advanced equipment is an indispensable factor in ensuring product quality, the role of molds in casting is also very important. Especially for aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy auto parts manufacturers, the accuracy and durability of aluminum alloy casting molds have an obvious impact on product quality. For ferrous metal casting, the mold is more […]

alloy aluminum casting

Sand casting, as the name suggests, uses the sand mold as the basic mold, and the metal solution is poured to form the desired casting. At present, iron, steel and many non-ferrous metals can be obtained by this method. Its advantages are: low material prices, easy access, adaptability, and a wide range of applications, whether […]

Aluminum alloy cylinder head casting

The factory refers to the casting mold as the “mother of casting”, which can be said to be a high-level summary of the role and status of casting molds in casting production. It is called “mother”. One of them is because in the factory, all the castings are made by molding the sand mold, and […]