Auto parts molds

Through sample preparation, small-quantity testing and mass production and then installed applications, our customized content includes the green forming lost foam casting process for the exhaust pipe, flywheel housing, clutch housing, cylinder head and cylinder block of the automobile engine parts. On this basis, the process of connecting the exhaust pipe and the cylinder head is explored.

The research and development center is consist of 36 designers who are expert in 3D design, mold design, NC programming craftsmen, lost foam casting craftsmen and so on. We provide a full range of design and services for you. We discuss the mould process and confirm the scheme with your engineer together, this can guarantee the mould structure more reasonable more safety and more efficiency. We finish the product model and detection through reserve scan and 3D Coordinate Measuring technology to make sure each customer satisfy their mould.

Below is a custom range of our automotive parts lost foam casting: