Exhaust pipe mould

Exhaust pipe mould

Molding can play an important role in the current social development. With the improvement of technology, the role of corresponding production management methods in practice is constantly improving. From the perspective of current domestic economic and social development, the corresponding technology utilization It can play the role of regulating domestic technology application in practice. The influence and function of different technology applications in practice are also different. Our company mainly studies the technology of lost foam casting exhaust pipe and actively explores one. A new way of using modern technology, in the diversified modern economic development, can achieve comprehensive optimization of technical application effects.

The exhaust pipe is part of the engine exhaust system. The exhaust system mainly includes an exhaust manifold, an exhaust pipe and a muffler. Generally, the three-way catalyst for controlling the emission of engine pollutants is also installed in the exhaust system, and the exhaust gas is exhausted. The tube generally includes a front exhaust pipe and a rear exhaust pipe.

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Wood box, suit for long distance transportation
Port: Any Chinese Sea Port
Lead Time: 20-30 days