To put it simply, forging is to smash metal into the shape you want, and casting is to melt the metal and then re-solidify it into the shape you want. Forging is to mechanically shape metal into the shape you want. (There are two methods, cold and hot.) Casting is to melt the metal and pour it […]


Tower crane slewing bearing is a kind of large special structure bearing that can bear large axial load, radial load and overturning moment and other comprehensive loads at the same time. In addition, the slewing bearing itself has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient guide rotation, easy installation and easy maintenance. How to correctly install the […]


The flexible bearing of harmonic reducer is a kind of bearing of harmonic reducer. It is a kind of bearing used outside the harmonic generator, which can realize the speed change requirement of large transmission ratio. Because of its special overall structure, it is installed in time is different from other types of bearings. Assembly method of […]


The friction disc is the main component of the tractor clutch, and the physical properties and mechanical properties of its working surface material directly affect the working performance of the clutch. So what are the materials of the clutch friction disc? The effect of clutch friction disc 1. Transmission of rotational torque The engine flywheel is the […]

growing racks

Vegetables are grown in greenhouses, some are planted directly, some are planted with seedlings, and some are planted with vertical grow racks. No matter what kind of planting method, the growth of plants is inseparable from light, so if indoors, greenhouses, plant growth racks. In order to ensure the healthy growth of the seedlings, it […]

square bottom machine

In the current enterprise development, the manual production mode has been completely replaced by mechanization, so that the entire production can be improved unprecedentedly, and the high-efficiency production process is also more standardized and unified. The advancement of technology and the popularization of mechanization have achieved the driving force for the development of many industries. […]

compact shelves

The compact rack is mainly used in enterprises, books, archives and other places. It has large storage capacity, large occupied area and good storage quality. In order to better preserve archive data, many companies will choose different racks according to different storage items. For example: base map rack, voucher rack, file rack. So what are the requirements […]

growing racks

In order to save space and facilitate management, plant planting has become more and more three-dimensional, and various three-dimensional soilless cultivation equipment has sprung up. Many farmers who want to engage in soilless cultivation have no idea what types of three-dimensional grow rack systems are available and how to choose them. Now let me give you a […]

calcium hydroxide production line

Calcium hydroxide equipment is mainly used to produce calcium hydroxide and other chemical products, and almost the entire production is carried out on this equipment. When feeding, you must pay attention to the relevant requirements, and there are also many things to pay attention to. PRECAUTIONS WHEN FEEDING CALCIUM HYDROXIDE EQUIPMENT 1. The calcium hydroxide equipment […]