Coal centrifuge

General regulations: 1. Operators and maintenance workers of coal centrifuges must undergo relevant training, and be issued with certificates after passing the examinations. 2. All operators must wear labor protection (including work clothes, hats, shoes, gloves, etc.) according to regulations. Female workers must put their hair braids in their hats. It is forbidden to wear […]

As we all know, there is a big difference between standing objects and falling objects. For most seemingly tiny objects, paying attention to the details of the operation of the double-row ball slewing ring can prolong its service life. The following is a detailed introduction to this problem, let’s take a look. It should be […]

The slewing bearing can simultaneously withstand large axial loads, radial loads and overturning moments and other comprehensive loads. It has the characteristics of compact structure, easy to guide rotation, easy installation and easy maintenance. It is widely used in engineering, mining, metallurgy, wind power generation, ships, ports, petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, medical equipment, food, […]


Canteens are very familiar to us. There are canteens in major universities and middle schools. The dining halls that make us remember are the dining tables and chairs. How much do you know about dining hall dining tables and chairs? What are the sizes of dining tables and chairs in the cafeteria? The school dining […]


Auditorium soft chairs and theater soft chairs are public seats shared by many people, and they are usually very dirty. How do you clean them in general? Wipe dry the cotton auditorium soft chairs and cinema soft chairs with a soft cloth, and then dry them. Auditorium soft chairs are used in school auditoriums, multimedia […]


Here are five reasons why high-end auditorium soft chairs, conference hall chairs, lecture hall chairs, and solid wood auditorium chairs are popular. The auditorium soft chair is a very common seat in our lives. It is very common in all kinds of meeting rooms and auditoriums. Even many people have placed the auditorium soft chair […]

school desks and chairs

The quality of school desk and chair sets are related to the health and development of students, so you must pay attention to their materials and dimensions when purchasing. There are many testing standards for school desks and chairs, such as lifting and adjusting mechanisms should have locking devices or limit devices , The parts […]


I don’t know if you have a very suitable desk when you study before. For students, a suitable desk is really a very necessary item, especially for children who are studying. So what is the standard for school desk and chair sets? Desk height standard Generally, the size of a single desk is about 60CM*110CM, […]


School dining tables and chairs also play an important role in the field of use and the scope of use. For example, wear resistance, antistatic performance and chemical resistance, etc. Among them, school dining tables and chairs with wear resistance are one of the products with a wide range of applications. So how do we […]