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Casting molds category

Established in 2001, Luoyang Liushi Mould Co., Ltd. is the national standard-setting unit for mold-forming molds of lost foam casting. The company now has 6 invention patents and 20 utility model patents. Its main business is concentrated in three major fields: lost foam molds, metal casting molds and aluminum alloy castings.

lost foam mould

lost foam mould

sand casting mould

Metal casting molds

alloy aluminum casting

Aluminum Alloy Casting

Casting molds R & D capabilities

The company’s R&D center has a total of 36 senior professional 3D design engineers, mold design engineers, CNC programming technicians, lost foam casting craftsmen, etc., to provide you with a full range of design and service, each mold collectively discusses the mold process Determine the design plan to ensure that the mold structure is more reasonable, more reliable and more efficient. The company adopts new technologies such as reverse scanning and three-coordinate detection to complete product modeling and testing, ensuring that each mold can meet customer requirements.

  • Patents and talents

    The company now has 6 invention patents and 20 utility model patents. It is a famous trademark enterprise in Henan Province. The company has more than 230 employees, including 36 professional mold design engineers and 39 senior technicians.

  • Equipment

    We have 40 CNC machining equipment, 28 general processing equipment, 1 coordinate measuring machine and 1 reverse scanning machine.

  • Seiko manufacturing

    Using computer three-dimensional design, programming, computer-aided processing technology, using the FM method to cast aluminum mold blanks, combined with the original Teflon (TEFLON) surface coating treatment technology, the mold quality, precision, efficiency, and life expectancy have reached the industry leading.

Why choose us

In the mold design, mold assembly, mold debugging, mold trial production, casting process, etc., there are full-time engineers to serve you; the company has a professional after-sales service team to provide you with quality service!

  • Evanescence Model China National Standards Eligibility
  • Patented technology with motor shell lost mold
  • Patent technology of lost foam mold with suction pump body
  • Patent technology of lost foam mold for valve body
  • Patent technology of lost foam mold for gearbox

Advantages of the lost mold

Firstly, the sand treatment system is greatly simplified, the molding sand can be completely reused, and the sand falling is easy, which greatly reduces the workload and labor intensity of the falling sand.

Secondly, it is easy to realize mechanized automatic assembly line production, and the production line has great elasticity, and can realize the production of different alloys, castings of different shapes and sizes on one production line. Reduced dust, smoke and noise pollution, greatly improved the labor environment of foundry workers, reduced labor intensity, the industry dominated by male workers can become an industry dominated by women workers.

The shape of the part is not limited by the traditional casting process, freeing the mechanical design worker to freely design the optimal casting shape based on the performance of the part.

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