What is lost foam casting mold?

Lost foam molds casting is a solid molding of a foam mold using a non-bonding agent dry sand combined with vacuuming technology. The foam model similar in shape and shape of the casting is bonded and combined into a model cluster, which is coated with refractory paint and dried. vibrating screen modeling in dry quartz sand, casting under negative pressure, gasifying the model, liquid metal occupying the position of the model, and forming a new casting method after solidification and cooling.

cut costs

The dry sand buried model can be used repeatedly, with less industrial waste, no flash burrs, and the cleaning time can be reduced by more than 80%, and the cost is significantly reduced.

Wide range of applications

Not only can cast iron, ductile iron, but also steel castings at the same time, so the transfer is flexible and has a wide range of applications.

Flexible use

It is not only suitable for large-scale castings, mechanized operation, but also for hand-splicing models of small batches of products.

Large casting

Not only suitable for small and medium-sized parts, but also suitable for large castings, such as: machine bed, large diameter pipe fittings, large cold die parts, large mining equipment parts, etc.

Lost foam molds casting custom process

1. Customer inquiry

Please contact us for a discounted offer.

2. production plan

We will tailor the mold solution for you.

3. Program review

The program will be rigorously reviewed by expert engineers.

4. sign the contract

Sign a cooperation agreement and start preparing products for you.

5. mold design

3D design and graphic inspection of parts.

6. CNC machining

Aluminum mold blank foam model CNC machining

7. assembly and testing

Mold assembly, testing, and trial work meet the eligibility criteria

8. the test is qualified

Test to determine that the product has no problems

9. coating treatment

Then carry out the coating treatment of the mold surface

10. factory inspection

Factory inspection, as well as product packaging and delivery to you.

11. installation and commissioning

Mold installation and commissioning and after-sales service handover work

12. mold delivery

Finally, to deliver products that satisfy you

Lost foam casting process

Lost foam casting process

Compared with traditional casting technology, lost foam casting technology has unparalleled advantages, and is called “the casting technology of the 21st century” and “the green revolution of the foundry industry” by the casting industry at home and abroad. In this process, the selection of foam beads is included, and then the foaming beads are used for pre-expansion, maturation, foam molding, and cooling. The rubber emulsion was used to model the clusters, and the thickness of the coating was 0.5 to 2 mm during the coating of the model. It is selected according to the type, structure and size of the casting alloy. The coating is dried at 40 to 50 °C. The next step is vibration modeling and casting replacement. After cooling, the casting is naturally separated from the dry sand. Please ask our experts for more information.

Introduction to the lost foam casting mold process

1. Making foam gasification molds (manual, mechanical);
2. Foaming and gasification, drying after mold combination;
3. Foam gasification mold surface brush, spray refractory paint and then dry again (must dry);
4. Place the special sand box on the three-dimensional vibration table;
5. Fill in the bottom sand (dry sand) to tap and scrape;
6. Place the dried foam gasification mold on the bottom sand, divide it into sand according to the process requirements, and automatically flatten the box mouth after a certain time;
7. Cover the sand box mouth with film, put the pouring cup and connect the negative pressure system. After the compaction, the molten steel is cast, the foaming gasification mold disappears, and the molten metal replaces its position;
8. After the casting is condensed, the vacuum is released and the box is turned over, and the casting is taken out for the next cycle.

Perfect quality

Perfect lost mold quality

After years of development, our company has become the first choice mould suppliers of many lost foam casting manufacturers and the exclusive supplier of Shanxi FAST、China Longgong、Anhui Quanchai、China DFM、China YTO、Jinhua Wanliyang、Anhui Wuhu casting pipe、Anhui AVK、World Group、Yangli Group, While leading the Chinese brand, Luoyang Liushi mould develop the international market positively, we export a large number of mold to the United States, Japan, Iran, India and other countries. We have become an international first-class lost foam mold design and manufacturing provider. And our mould can match the domestic imports of Germany Tubert molding machine, the United States Fukang molding machine.

Lost foam casting mold custom range

The lost foam casting mold has a very wide custom category, including construction machinery and auto parts, please click to view.

Motive power machinery parts mold
Valve body, pump body
Construction machinery parts mold
Machine tool parts mold
Mining machinery parts mould
Automotive parts mold
Tractor accessories mold
Metallurgical machinery parts mould
Other spare parts mold

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