Six cylinder block mold

The cylinder block is the most critical and complex casting on the engine. The thinnest part of the wall thickness is often less than 3mm. The most widely used cylinder castings are still wet clay sand, which has good forming performance, low energy consumption and low noise. Static pressure molding lines and air-punching molding lines with less pollution, high efficiency and reliable operation are widely used. In recent years, domestic and foreign molding line manufacturers have continuously improved the molding machine, and have successively appeared gas compression and compression, airflow gain, gas pressure and compression, static pressure and compression, active multi-contact compaction, forming extrusion, etc. Sanding method, sand hardness is more uniform, and it is the first choice for the production of cylinder castings. Some large and medium-sized diesel engine block casting companies use the pepset self-hardening sand process and the triethylamine cold box process, which is also the best choice for energy saving and low carbon.