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In the lost foam casting, the foam coated with refractory coating is placed in a sand box, and the surrounding of the pattern is filled with dry sand. The microseismic and negative pressure are used to compact the liquid metal without casting the core, in the casting and A new casting process that continues to […]

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1) Optimized control of raw materials The raw materials required for lost foam casting production are roughly divided into model raw materials, dry sand raw materials, coating raw materials, and alloy melting raw materials. Since the lost foam casting process is a system engineering, the selection of raw materials is particularly important. Therefore, controlling the quality […]


Almost all the introductions about lost-foam casting coatings will narrowly describe the “coating permeability” of lost-foam casting coatings as “breathability”. In production practice, we can understand that the paint after casting changes color. This is because the free carbon produced by the violent combustion of the foam model in the cavity passes through the coating, […]

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Conventional casting sand is shaped by an adhesive to form a cavity. After contacting the high-temperature metal liquid, the binder and other auxiliary materials will instantaneously generate high-pressure gas, fill the sand gap and form a gas film between the liquid metal and the cavity wall to block the liquid metal from entering the molding […]

The development and continuous improvement of the lost foam casting method is the evolution process from the foam model wet sand method (FM method) to the foam model thousand sand negative pressure method (FV method). This kind of evolution is not only the evolution of the modeling method, but the fundamental change of the process […]


Lost foam casting is mostly made of foam as a mold, and is also called “dry sand solid casting” and “negative compact casting” in China. In the casting process, it includes the design of the riser system, the pouring temperature control, the pouring operation control, the negative pressure control and other links, which need to […]

What are the functions of the lost foam coating

With the continuous development of the foundry industry, the most popular casting process used by Chinese foundry manufacturers in 2017 is lost foam and sand casting. Generally, manufacturers of single large-volume precision castings generally adopt the lost foam casting method, which mainly undertakes outsourcing and zero-lived foundry manufacturers. Most lost foam and sand casting are […]

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The sand molding process plays an important role in the casting production process, which directly affects the quality level, production cost, production efficiency and environmental pollution degree of the casting. The sand casting method can be divided into two categories: physical hardening modeling method and chemical modeling method. The physical hardening modeling methods mainly include […]