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Lost mold structure and adhesive mold structure

According to the sharding scheme, the gearbox needs to be divided into 2 sets of fully automatic lost foam molds and 1 set of adhesive molds. According to the foundry manufacturer’s automatic vertical forming machine and vertical automatic glue machine, the lost mold structure and adhesive The modular structure uses the following scheme: First, the […]

Lost mold for aluminum alloy gearbox

The production of aluminum alloy castings by the lost foam process has become an unstoppable trend. Cylinder top cover, new energy vehicle gearbox, heavy truck gearbox, etc., have gradually realized mass production in China, especially the mass production of 12-speed truck gearboxes. It marks the arrival of a new era of China’s lost foam aluminum […]

lost foam casting method and technique

If you are looking for technical issues related to lost foam casting, design points, or how to apply them on castings, then the following is exactly what you want to see. From the choice of materials to the production of white molds, the process is ultimately. First of all, about the white mold In the […]

Top ten forging mold surface treatment technology

The surface strengthening and modification technology of the forging die can design the surface of the die and the substrate as a system, and comprehensively utilize the surface strengthening modification technology and the coating technology to make the surface itself difficult to obtain and hopefully have specific performance. . The treatment technology that uses modern […]

lost foam casting technique

First, the basic production requirements of lost foam casting technology As a method of near-static forming of castings, lost foam casting technology has developed rapidly in recent years. In foreign countries, the lost foam casting technology has shown great vitality due to the mechanized and automated lost foam casting production lines being put into operation […]

Lost foam sand casting steps, advantages and disadvantages

What is Lost foam sand casting? The sand casting process is a casting method in which sand is used as a main material to prepare a mold. Sand casting is the most traditional casting method. Because sand casting is characterized by its own shape (not limited by the shape, size, complexity and alloy type, short […]

80 Casting mold questions and answers

1. Common engineering materials and shrinkage rate? ABS: 0.5% (super broken glue) Pc: 0.5% (bulletproof glass glue) PMMa: 0.5%: (Plexiglas) Pe: 2% polyethylene PS: 0.5% (polystyrene) Pp: 2% (100% soft rubber) PA: 2% (nylon) PVC: 2% (polyvinyl chloride) POM: 2% (Sai ​​Steel) ABS+PC: 0.4% PC+ABS: 0.5% Engineering materials: ABS PC PE POM PMMA PP PPO […]

Casting and forging dies

In mold making, we usually hear casting and forging. What is the difference between the two manufacturing processes? One casting Casting is a process in which a metal is smelted into a liquid that meets certain requirements, poured into a mold, and cooled, solidified, and cleaned to obtain a casting (part or blank) having a […]

Mold forming process

Casting mold means that in order to obtain the structural shape of the part, the structural shape of the part is made in advance with other easily formed materials, and then the mold is placed in the sand type, so that a cavity having the same structural size as the part is formed in the […]