As we all know, there is a big difference between standing objects and falling objects. For most seemingly tiny objects, paying attention to the details of the operation of the double-row ball slewing ring can prolong its service life. The following is a detailed introduction to this problem, let’s take a look. It should be noted that the operating details of the double-row ball slewing ring can extend its service life.

First of all, the outer packaging is very clear: usually the packaging of the factory brand is very clear from the line to the color, and it is not fuzzy at all.

Secondly, open the package and check whether the surface of the double row ball bearing is turbid. Please pay attention when purchasing imported double row ball rotary bearings. Because the domestic anti-rust technology is not very mature, it is easy to leave some oil stains on the hands after anti-rust treatment. The imported double-row slewing bearing can smell the anti-rust agent, but the anti-rust oil is almost invisible.

Then, the seal text is clear: Whether there are trademarks on the double volleyball slewing support, such as text, labels, etc., the fonts are small, but most of the products produced by the factory use steel stamping technology, and no heat treatment is performed before the text. Therefore, although the font is small and deep concave, it is very clear. The fonts of the counterfeit products are not only blurred, but the printing process is rough. The fonts float on the surface, and some are easy to wipe off by hand.
Similarly, the chamfer is uniform: the chamfer of the double-row ball slewing bearing is also the position on the horizontal and vertical interface. Due to the limitation of the production process, the bottom of the fake double-row ball slewing bearing has been unsatisfactory in processing.

The final sound: Hold the inner sleeve of the double-row ball bearing body with your left hand, and move the outer sleeve of the double-row ball bearing body with your right hand to rotate it, and listen for noise. Most counterfeit products are produced under poor production conditions and are entirely manual milling operations. Some impurities in the sand will be mixed during the production process. The double-row ball slewing bearing is hidden in the body, and there are impurities on the rotating ring.

Methods of controlling dust:

There are foreign objects such as dust in the reverse branch, and there will be no periodic vibration, dust ring, dust ring size vibration and noise, sometimes not.

The dustproof sound is as follows: For double-row ball slewing bearings/wheel bearings, the method of cleaning the bearings, holes, shafts and some supporting parts before installation is improved and strictly cleaned; by removing foreign matter in the lubricant, the sealing performance of the bearing can be improved. It is forbidden to use impure materials or materials containing foreign bodies in plastics.

Ways to control scar sound:

If the rolling bearing of the double-row ball slewing ring is cracked, jagged or rusted, there will be periodic noise and vibration like rivets. The period is likely to be fixed, but most of it corresponds to the speed, which will appear in a continuous channel. Scars, sometimes scars appear on the steel ball, sometimes no scars, this noise will change with the change of installation and lubrication conditions.