Today I will share with you a topic about the vibrating screen. Vibrating screen is a device specially designed for screening materials in quarries. It can also be used for product classification in coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electric power and chemical industries. The screen machine has the characteristics of advanced structure, strong excitation force, low vibration and noise, easy maintenance, sturdiness and durability. Vibrating screens can be divided into light vibrating screens and heavy vibrating screens. Generally, light vibrating screens are used to screen food, medicine, etc.; heavy-duty vibrating screens are generally used to screen ore and used together with crushers.

Features of the device:
1. Large processing capacity and high screening efficiency.
2. The vibrator adopts bearing thin oil lubrication and an external block eccentric structure. It has the characteristics of large excitation force, low bearing load, low temperature and low noise. (Bearing temperature rise is less than 35°).
3. The overall disassembly and assembly of the vibrator is convenient for maintenance and replacement, which greatly shortens the maintenance period. (It only takes 1 to 2 hours to replace the vibrator).
4. The side plate of the screen adopts the whole plate cold work, no welding, high strength and long service life. The cross beam and the side plate are connected by torsion shear high-strength bolts, no welding, and the cross beam is easy to replace.
5. The screen machine adopts rubber spring to reduce vibration. Compared with metal spring, it has the advantages of low noise, long life, smooth cross-vibration zone, and small dynamic load on each fulcrum of the screen machine.
6. The connection between the motor and the vibration exciter adopts a flexible coupling, which has the advantages of long service life and small impact on the motor.

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