The compound crusher has a large crushing ratio, and the maximum crushing ratio can reach the output particle size. It can be adjusted arbitrarily, and is not affected by the hammer and liner wear; the structure adopts a non-screen setting, which crushes materials with high moisture content and large mud content. It is not easy to be clogged; the elastic adjustment mechanism is adopted, and the unbreakable materials can be automatically discharged without causing equipment damage; the bearings are arranged horizontally, with a long life, and can crush high-temperature materials (such as cement clinker); the rotor body structure of this machine is unique When crushing materials, the rotor body is hardly worn; the rear cavity is equipped with a screw rod or a hydraulic opening mechanism, and the wearing parts can be easily replaced without using the main equipment.

Structural advantages:

1. The structure is simple and reasonable, and the operating cost is low. Using the principle of rock-to-stone, the wear is small.

2. High crushing rate and energy saving.

3. It has the functions of fine crushing and coarse grinding.

4. It is less affected by the moisture content of the material, and the moisture content can reach about 8%.

5. The working noise is lower than 75 decibels (db level), and the dust pollution is less.

6. Suitable for crushing medium-hard and extra-hard materials.

7. The products are cubes with high bulk density and minimal iron pollution.

8. The impeller’s self-lining wear is small, and the maintenance is convenient.

compound crusher


The material falls vertically from the upper part of the machine into the high-speed rotating impeller, under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, and
The other part shunts the material around the impeller in the form of an umbrella to produce high-speed impact and crushing. After the materials collide with each other, they will form a vortex between the impeller and the casing. It is discharged to form a closed circuit for multiple cycles, which is controlled by the screening equipment to achieve the required finished product particle size.

The compound crusher is a kind of unscreened, adjustable fine crushing equipment optimized and designed on the basis of absorbing advanced fine crushing equipment at home and abroad. It can be widely used in the fine crushing of raw materials and clinker in cement plants, and can also be used for fine crushing operations. Dolomite, coke gemstone, lead-zinc ore, serpentine, blast furnace slag, coal gangue, phosphate rock and other medium-hard materials finely crushing operations, especially suitable for hard limestone, dolomite, granite, basalt and other artificial sand or high-speed Processing and crushing of road pavement stones.

Daily maintenance:

1. Regularly shut down and open the observation door of the vertical crusher to observe the internal wear of the crusher. The wear level of the center feed pipe, cone cap, upper and lower runner linings of the impeller, circumferential guard plate, and wear-resistant block should be replaced in time after wear. Or repair, and replace the wear-resistant blocks at the same time to ensure that the weight of the wear-resistant blocks is the same. It is strictly forbidden to open and observe the crusher during operation] to observe the internal working conditions, so as to avoid danger. If the impeller body is found to be worn, replace it in time and seek repair from the manufacturer.

2. The vertical crusher adopts special grade automotive grease or 3# lithium base grease. Appropriate amount of grease is added every 400 hours of work. After 2000 hours of work, the main shaft assembly is opened to clean the bearings. Generally, it works for 7200 hours and replaces the new bearings. The upper bearing of the main shaft assembly is the floating end, and the lower bearing is the fixed end. After assembly, the pulley should rotate flexibly when pulled by hand.

3. The tensioning force of the drive triangle tape should be adjusted appropriately to ensure that the triangle tape is evenly stressed. When driven by dual motors, the triangle tapes on both sides should be grouped and matched, so that the length of each group is as consistent as possible. It should be adjusted so that the current difference between the two motors does not exceed 15A.D. In the operation of the vertical crusher, because the equipment is a high-speed equipment, special attention should be paid to safe production. Relevant personnel should stay away from the equipment, and repairs should be carried out after shutdown if the machine needs to be repaired.