There are many types of briquetting machine, and it is also a widely used equipment, such as: chemical, energy, transportation, refractory, electric power, metallurgy and other industries are inseparable from the support of the ball press, so the selection of the ball press How should I choose?

Misunderstandings in the selection of briquetting machine

High pressure briquetting machine

1. It is believed that the larger the diameter of the briquetting machine, the higher the output will be.

This is correct to a certain extent, but it is not inevitable. For the processing of a certain material, the process requirements are different, and the selection of the briquetting machine is actually different. The amount of processing is not necessarily small.

2. It is believed that the higher the linear pressure ratio of the briquetting machine, the better

In fact, the line pressure ratio of the briquetting machine is the result of the test to obtain a certain technological purpose. Reasonable is good, not the higher the better.

3. Artificially classify the ball press

For example, some pressing balls are material moisture, which are divided into dry powder ball presses, wet material ball presses, and some are divided into low pressure ball presses, medium pressure ball presses and high pressure ball presses according to the size of the line pressure ratio. According to the material category, it is divided into: coal briquetting machine, coke powder briquetting machine, mineral powder briquetting machine, etc., and some are even more finely classified. We believe that reasonable classification is possible, but not necessarily necessary, and classification based on publicity purposes is a choice that may mislead investors.

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