From the overall trend, the development of new energy vehicles has become more and more mature, so is the tanker industry! Lingyu electric mixer truck has been well known by card friends. Now that the oil price has skyrocketed, it has also been put on the “must buy list” of mixer trucks. The editor will introduce a HOWO electric mixer truck to card friends this time. I believe everyone You will love this money maker!

electric mixer truck

Powerful and fast

Equipped with Ningde high energy density battery and permanent magnet synchronous motor, the efficiency is as high as 98%, the output power is stronger, and the cruising range can reach 260km.

electric mixer truck

Fast charging tank

The dual-gun DC charging can be fully charged in one hour, and the charging process will not stop the tank, ensuring that “money” will not stop.

electric mixer truck

Automatic cooling system

The motor and driver are intelligently dissipated, get rid of the high temperature and high consumption of the battery, and make users safer and more assured.

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