During the operation of the excavator, the rotating ring gear bears a large impact load. When the excavator is inclined, the stress state is even more unfavorable. Generally, when the excavator runs for about 350,000 hours, the teeth of the rotating ring gear may be crushed or broken. Practice has proved that the use of insert welding to repair the rotary ring gear is not only simple and fast, but also ensures the performance of the whole machine.

1. Preparation before welding

Excavator slewing bearing

(1) According to the damage of the ring gear, determine the position of the fixing hole and the damaged segment to be replaced, and then cut off the segment of the tooth to be replaced with gas cutting.

(2) According to the part of the ring gear that needs to be repaired, process the insert, or from the corresponding part of another old ring gear, under the condition of ensuring the pitch, cut out a relatively intact gear tooth, and cut out the butt joint. Bevel shape.

(3) Determine the position of the fixing hole of the insert, and punch it to fix it on the corresponding part of the ring gear. Pay attention to the accuracy of the position of the fixing hole.

(4) In order to ensure that the welding seam has high strength and can withstand large shocks and vibrations, a junction 507 electrode with a diameter of Φ4 mm is selected.

(5) Using AX3500 DC arc welding machine DC reverse welding, the current is 130 ~ 140 A.

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