Hammer crushers are a type of crushing equipment used to transform the material being crushed by the kinetic energy of a high-speed hammer. There are several types of hammer crushers commonly used in various industries.

Hammer Crusher Types

Hammer crusher

Hammer Mill Crushers

These crushers use rotating hammers to grind and pulverize materials. They are primarily used in the agricultural and construction industries to reduce the size of grain, ore, and other materials.

Reversible Hammer Crushers

As the name suggests, these crushers can reverse the direction of the rotor to prevent the material from getting trapped. They are commonly used in coal mines and thermal power plants.

Ring Hammer Crushers

These crushers feature a series of rings that are mounted on hammers. When the rotor rotates, the rings impact and crush the material. Ring hammer crushers are often used for crushing coal and coke.

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