Nowadays, there are many tanker sales manufacturers, and the quality of production varies. Some tank truck manufacturers are shoddy and have frequent after-sales problems. How to circumvent those product traps and choose a satisfactory tanker has become a headache for every car owner. Let’s let the editor of the tanker sales manufacturer CIMC Linyu solve this problem for everyone. Remove the gorgeous coats of major manufacturers and select the best quality products.

1. Look at the audience

The ‘Matthew Effect’ is a term in social economics, which means that the stronger the stronger. The pros and cons of a product can be macroscopically evaluated from the market share and frequency of use.

2. Look at the scale

Tank semi-trailers are large-scale transportation equipment and have certain requirements on the scale of production. You can imagine vehicles made by factories that are too small.

Mixer truck
3. Look at history

Making tank semi-trailers requires continuous research and development and improvement of technology for a long time, and many production technologies cannot be matured in a short time. This is why the products made by some newly established manufacturers look good, but there are constant after-sales problems.

4. Look at the technology

Some manufacturers of other products have seen that the domestic aluminum alloy tanker market has developed well in recent years, and they have started liquid tankers one after another. Find a few college students, get a few pieces of equipment, and start making tank semi-trailers. As a result, after-sales problems continued, which brought trouble to both myself and the customers.

Mixer truck

5. Look at users

The choice of the user is the only criterion for testing the quality of the product. Which product is favored by high-end and demanding users, and which product is the best quality.

CIMC Vehicle Group is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of semi-trailer and special-purpose vehicles. Since the beginning of 2002, it has been manufacturing and selling semi-trailers. Since 2013, the company has maintained the world’s number one semi- trailer sales for five consecutive years. The semi-trailer product line mainly includes Jiping semi-trailer, warehouse semi-trailer, tank semi-trailer, refrigerated semi-trailer and van semi-trailer; the top product line mainly includes the top loading of dump truck and mixer truck. In 2017, CIMC vehicles launched the first generation of center-mounted axle cars in the Chinese market.