Mining vibrating screen is a kind of large-scale screening equipment, commonly used in the mining industry, etc. The use of this vibrating screen to screen materials generally requires relatively large output. In use, we also hope that the larger the output of the equipment, the better. Since the models and specifications produced by each vibrating screen manufacturer are different, the output of each equipment is also different, but this can be improved by some methods, so how to increase the output of the vibrating screen?

The method of increasing the output of vibrating screen

High frequency dehydration vibrating screen

1. Improve the opening rate of the screen mesh

Because the ore is relatively large in mesh, a metal woven mesh or punching plate with a large aperture is generally used. If you want to increase the output, you can also replace the screen mesh with a larger aperture than the previous one for production. The high opening ratio is beneficial to improve the screening effect; but the disadvantage is that it is not as high as the previous screening. Therefore, once the output needs to be increased, it will inevitably affect the screening accuracy.

2. Adjust the feeding method

A distribution device can be installed at the feed port of the linear vibrating screen, so that the material can be evenly fed to the screen surface to achieve the requirement of increasing the output, which is of great help to improve the screening output of the linear screen. If the distributor is added unconditionally, attention should be paid to manual feeding to ensure uniform feeding. When feeding, the cloth should be evenly distributed.

3. Increase the screening area

The screening area of ​​the linear vibrating screen can be achieved by increasing the length and width of the screen surface. The width of the screen surface determines the processing capacity of the sieve. The wider the screen surface, the greater the output; the length of the screen surface determines the screening efficiency. The longer the screen surface, the longer the material screening time, and the higher the efficiency. After the size is reduced, the sieving efficiency improves little or not at all. At this time, increasing the length of the sieve surface will only increase the volume and weight of the sieve.

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