The micro sample nucleic acid extraction kit is a kit specially used to extract DNA and RNA from various micro and trace samples. This kit uses a centrifugal adsorption column that can specifically bind nucleic acids and a unique buffer system. After the sample is lysed, the DNA is specifically bound to the silica gel membrane under high salt conditions, and the DNA is washed from the silica gel membrane at low salt and high pH. Take it off.

This kit is used to extract genomic DNA and mitochondrial DNA from small amounts of blood, dried blood spots, chewing gum, swabs, urine, and small amounts of tissues. It can also be used to purify genomic DNA obtained from other methods. DNA can be directly used as PCR template, enzyme digestion, hybridization and other molecular biology experiments.

Features of Micro Sample Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit

1. The recovery rate of nucleic acid is high, which can reach more than 90%

2. One-tube operation reduces the possibility of sample contamination.

3. One-stop kit, customers do not need to prepare any reagents except samples, which reduces experimental errors.

4. Safe and non-toxic, no need to use organic solvents such as phenol and chloroform.

5. It can handle samples of various forms, including liquid samples, single or small amount of cells, tiny embryos and so on.

6. Compatible with PCR, fluorescent PCR, RT-PCR, fluorescent RT-PCR and other follow-up reactions.

7. The reagent is stable and can be stored for a long time.