Mobile shelves are actually shelves that can be moved on tracks, which can improve the utilization of space. A group of shelves only needs one channel. In the same space, its storage capacity and efficiency are much higher than ordinary shelves. Now mobile shelves It is also very common in our work. Let’s take a look at the classification of mobile shelves!

Classification of mobile shelves


1. Mobile shelves can actually be divided into light and medium mobile shelves and heavy mobile shelves

(1) Light and medium-sized mobile racks are evolved from light and medium-sized laminate racks, also known as dense racks. They have high space utilization and only need to set a passageway of about 1 meter in the middle. It is divided into two types: manual and electric. The contact surface between each row is also equipped with a buffer, and the magnetic sealing strip is also provided with a dust-proof plate at the top and a rat-proof device at the bottom. There is also a safety limit in each row. The braking device and the anti-dumping device are equipped with locks on the side for overall locking. The transmission mechanism is processed by finishing, using precision bearings, the transmission is flexible and stable, and the spacing between the layers can be freely adjusted according to needs.

(2) Heavy-duty mobile racks are evolved from heavy-duty pallet racks, and every two rows of racks are placed on the base. There are also walking wheels on the base, which can run along the track, and there are also installed in its chassis. Motors and reducers, alarms, sensing devices, etc. The storage system of heavy-duty mobile racks only needs 1-2 channels, and its space utilization rate is extremely high. The heavy-duty mobile racks must be electric, and the goods are accessed by forklift trucks. Compared with ordinary shelves, it can increase the usage rate of the ground by about 80%.

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