In art galleries, museums and private collections, the protection and display of artworks are crucial. As an innovative storage and display solution, movable art racks are widely welcomed for their flexibility and protection. This article will introduce the characteristics, advantages and applications of movable art racks in artwork management.

1. Definition and characteristics of movable art racks

Mobile art racks are a type of equipment specially designed for storing and displaying artworks. They are usually composed of a sturdy metal frame and grid structure, which can slide on tracks to facilitate the access and movement of artworks. The main features include:

Flexibility: The adjustable shelf and hook design enable it to adapt to artworks of various sizes and types.

Protection: The materials and design take into account factors such as shockproof, dustproof and moisture-proof to ensure the safety of artworks.

High space utilization: Through vertical storage and sliding design, movable art racks can store a large number of artworks in a limited space.

Movable art racks

2. Advantages of movable art racks

Space saving: Through vertical storage, movable art racks can store more artworks in a limited floor space, which is particularly suitable for places with limited storage space.

Easy to manage: The sliding design makes it more convenient to access and return artworks, simplifying the management and display process.

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