Paper tube machine is an important mechanical equipment specially used for paper tube production. Many industries will use this equipment. In order to ensure the normal operation of the paper tube machine and ensure production efficiency, when we use the paper tube machine, we must follow the paper There are also many problems that need to be paid attention to in the use of equipment.

What is the operating procedure of the paper tube machine?

1. Before work.

(1) The environment around the paper tube machine should be kept clean, and the materials and related auxiliary tools to be processed should be prepared. The operator should wear tight clothes or fasten the clothes. It is strictly forbidden for the operator to wear skirts , slippers, and loose hair to operate the equipment.

(2) Check whether the various parts of the paper tube machine can work normally.

(3) Before starting, use a special tool to clean the abrasive shaft, remove the excess glue in the mold shaft, and then blow it with compressed air.

(4) Be sure to refuel the brass sleeve before starting the machine.

(5) Before starting, the ventilation valve must be refueled frequently.

Paper tube machine


2. Work.

(1) Before entering the job, the operator must go through relevant training, know how to use the equipment, understand the structure and principle of the paper tube machine, and understand the safety protection.

(2) Untrained or unqualified employees shall not use the paper tube machine.

(3) When operating the equipment, operators should keep their energy and concentration, and must not drive desertions to avoid accidents.

(4) When cutting the paper tube, keep a certain distance from the machine, and wait for the paper tube to be placed before cutting.

(5) When the equipment is running, if it is found that the machine is abnormal or faulty, the machine should be stopped immediately and the abnormality should be dealt with in time.

(6) During the operation of the paper tube machine, the operator is not allowed to leave the work post without permission. When leaving, the power supply needs to be cut off.

3. After the work is over.

(1) After the production work is completed, all power must be turned off, and the tool must be placed in the designated position.

(2) Clean around the machine and maintain hygiene.

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