With the continuous deepening of the industrial automation process of cement enterprises and the further emphasis on the quality of cement packaging bags, the quality and performance requirements of plastic-woven square bottom valve port cement bags are getting higher and higher, mainly in: mechanical properties, that is, strong Strong, anti-dropping, and able to handle long-distance transportation. Such as moisture resistance and good sealing performance, ensure that the product will not be damp during storage and transportation, the product will not leak, and will not cause cement loss.

In terms of automation function, it can be filled efficiently, quickly and accurately. At present, the all-plastic square bottom valve bag has been widely used in cement enterprises at home and abroad. It is characterized by fast filling, neat and beautiful appearance, good sealing performance, exquisite printing, large packaging volume, and stand-up packaging, which is very suitable for stacking. transport operations. With the automatic filling of the packaging machine, the valve port on the top can achieve the effect of automatic sealing after the cement is filled, saving time and effort.

HD100-IB Square Bottom Machine

Introduction to the advantages of plastic woven square bottom valve bags

The plastic woven square bottom valve bag is produced by a professional square bottom valve bag making machine. It is produced by heat sealing, using pp woven bag tube with lamination, and is a low-cost square bottom valve bag suitable for automatic packaging processed by heat sealing production process. The upper and lower sealing of this square bottom valve bag does not require any sewing. String. Instead, a stable heat-sealing is performed with the coating layer of the woven cloth. The film on the bottom of the bag, as well as the film on the valve flap and back cover, are softened by hot air and then heat sealed together by pressure.

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