Vegetables are grown in greenhouses, some are planted directly, some are planted with seedlings, and some are planted with vertical grow racks. No matter what kind of planting method, the growth of plants is inseparable from light, so if indoors, greenhouses, plant growth racks. In order to ensure the healthy growth of the seedlings, it is necessary to use the plant supplementary light for supplementary light in the place where the high-quality light is affected. There are many types of plant fill lights. How to choose when filling light for vegetable seedlings?

When using plant fill light to fill light, you should pay attention to many issues, such as the requirements of light intensity for the growth of vegetable seedlings, such as the limitations of planting environment and space on fill light conditions.

Grow racks

The power of the plant fill light determines the light intensity, so when choosing a fill light, if the vegetable seedlings are light-loving plants, they have greater requirements for light intensity when growing, and a high-power fill light should be selected. If you are growing vegetables at home, you can choose to use LED plant fill lights. LED fill lights are small in size and are more suitable for growing environments with limited space, and LED fill lights are more energy-efficient.

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