Concrete mixer trucks are very common in construction projects. The boom in the real estate industry has accelerated the development of concrete mixer trucks. The market for concrete mixer trucks is getting wider and wider, and more and more users want to buy mixer trucks. What problems should be paid attention to when mixing trucks?

1. Choose the right load

This mainly refers to the choice of tank volume. For example, a mixer truck with a large loading capacity has high transportation efficiency, but the corresponding cost is also high. It is said that the loading capacity of the first four and eight-wheeled mixer trucks is higher than that of the rear eight-wheeled mixer trucks. It is much larger, but the price of the first four and the eight-wheeled mixer is 30%-40% more expensive than that of the latter eight-wheeled mixer. If the construction site you are working on is relatively small and the road is narrow, then choose a smaller mixer; if The construction site you are working on is larger, so choose a larger mixer truck, which has a larger carrying capacity and a relatively higher profit. In short, a suitable mixer truck can do more with less.

Concrete mixer trucks

2. Material selection

The mixer truck is afraid of failure during transportation. If there is a failure during transportation, it will cause concrete to coagulate. If it is serious, the tank may be scrapped, so pay attention to the selection of materials. It is better to choose imported mixer trucks, reducers, hydraulic motors, radiators and other components. If economic conditions permit, small mixer trucks are better to choose imported ones, so that the quality can be guaranteed.

3. Select a reasonable structure design

Reasonable structure design can ensure convenient operation. Concrete residue is easy to accumulate in the mixing tank. After a long time, the effective volume of the tank will be reduced, and it will be more laborious to clean up.

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