The excavator slewing bearing is an indispensable structural component for mechanical rotation operations, and what form does the slewing bearing exist in this system structure? How does it work?

1. Slewing bearing

The excavator adopts a rotating column type slewing bearing. The rotation angle of the slewing part is generally equal to or less than 180°. It consists of upper and lower support shafts and upper and lower bearing seats welded on the slewing body. The bearing should be fixed on the frame with bolts, and the rotating body is rotated by the hydraulic motor inserted on the support shaft.

Slewing Bearings For Excavator

2. Turntable structure

The main bearing part of the turntable is a box-shaped structure welded by steel plates with high torsional and bending rigidity. The main frame, the boom and its hydraulic cylinder are supported on the lugs of the main beam.

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