Many companies will face different prices in the process of purchasing heavy-duty shelves, or the prices given by different manufacturers of two shelves with the same surface will be different, so how can we purchase heavy-duty shelves suitable for enterprise warehouses? ? What are the reasons that affect the price changes of heavy duty shelves?

Reasons affecting the price changes of heavy shelves

Industrial racking

1. Production materials

The raw materials produced by the heavy-duty shelves are different, and the prices of the raw materials will also be different, which will affect the cost of the shelves, so the prices of the produced heavy-duty shelves will also be different.

2. Heavy duty rack structure

The price of the heavy-duty shelf structure is also different. The main structural firmware of the shelf is the column, the beam and the laminate. The thickness and specification of the plate are the determining factors of the shelf price.

3. The location of the shelf manufacturer

Depending on the location of the manufacturer, local taxes, factory rent, and the cost of goods in the transportation process are the hidden costs of heavy-duty shelves in the production process. These factors also affect the production cost of heavy-duty shelves.

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