The role of storage shelves in the logistics warehouse is very important, which not only affects the production efficiency of the enterprise, but also affects the management efficiency of the warehouse. The premise of how to effectively use storage shelves is to choose a racking system that suits you, so how do we choose a suitable storage rack?

First, we need to understand the principles of warehouse shelf design

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1. Design principles of warehouse shelves

1. Increase the storage space and maximize the use of space. Every enterprise warehouse has its fixed cost. How to maximize its economic benefits in this space is an important principle of warehouse shelf design.

2. Cargo-oriented, in line with the principle of storing goods

In the final analysis, warehouse shelves are shelves for storing goods. Naturally, warehouse shelves suitable for storing goods should be designed. Therefore, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the cargo itself, including data such as shape, size, and weight. The data can be provided by the warehouse or measured on-site by the shelf supplier.

3. Fully understand the warehouse environment and related equipment principles

(1) Warehouse structure: including warehouse area, warehouse type, warehouse channels, warehouse effective total height, warehouse column position, warehouse floor, warehouse fire-fighting facilities, etc.;

(2) Related equipment: forklifts, stackers, elevators, etc. It should be noted that the forklift needs to know the required aisle, turn length, etc.

4. The principle of effective circulation of goods and effective management

(1) The management method of goods: carefully listen to the purchasing enterprise’s management method of goods, and formulate a plan for the reasonable arrangement of warehouse shelves;

(2) Mode of goods circulation: including manual or mechanical handling of goods, aisle position, first-in, first-out, whole-in, whole-out, etc.

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