Steel wire raceway bearings can also be called steel wire raceway bearings and steel wire bearings. As a new type of non-standard bearing, it has light weight and high rotation accuracy. The ability to carry both axial force and radial force has been widely used in the support of large-load, low-inertia, and large-diameter bearings. Steel wire raceway bearings can completely replace ordinary light-duty slewing bearings in certain usage occasions, and achieve the use effect that ordinary slewing bearings cannot achieve. Steel wire raceway bearing manufacturers have summarized the structure and maintenance methods of steel wire raceway bearings, let’s find out together.

The structure of steel wire raceway bearings

The structure of the steel wire raceway (runway) bearing is a structure surrounded by three entities. It generally consists of a fixed large table main body, a movable syringe seat gear and a compression ring, which enclose a square-section steel wire raceway bearing in the middle. If the steel ball in the square section is used as the center of the structure, then according to the position of the pressing ring relative to the steel ball and the center of the syringe, this support structure can be divided into: upper inner pressing ring type; upper outer pressing ring type; Ring type; lower inner pressure ring type; lower outer pressure ring type four forms.

However, in terms of the convenience of adjusting and replacing the steel wire raceway bearing, it is an example of all three solid surrounding steel wire raceway bearing structures. This structure is not only very convenient to adjust the gap of the steel wire raceway bearing, just loosen the screw and replace the thickness of the gasket. Moreover, when the steel wire raceway bearing needs to be replaced, the compression ring can be easily removed without removing any other parts, and a new steel wire raceway bearing can be reinstalled quickly.

Structural parameters of steel wire raceway bearings

Name Unit Structural Parameters
Nominal inner diameter mm 457
Nominal outer diameter mm 483
Diameter mm 9.52
Radius of curvature of inner ring steel wire mm 2
Inner raceway diameter mm 461.08
Radius of curvature of outer ring steel wire mm 2
Outer raceway diameter mm 478.94
initial contact angle a 45°
Elastic modulus E of steel wire and steel ball GPa 206
Steel wire and steel ball Poisson’s ratio γ 0.3
total radial load N 838.8.

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