It’s summer now, and basically it’s time for the heat. In such an environment, some materials will crack due to excessive temperature, so what is the maintenance method of the dense rack in the hot summer? Due to the difference between manual compact racks and intelligent compact racks, it is also necessary to distinguish them clearly in terms of maintenance.

Reasons for maintaining mobile shelves in summer

The structural stability and moisture content of mobile shelves are important factors that determine their structural stability and moisture content. Therefore, special attention should be paid to preventing their deformation and cracking during the maintenance process.

A layer of paint is applied on the surface of the mobile shelf. If this layer of paint is damaged, it will not only affect its aesthetics, but also affect the structure inside. Therefore, try not to directly contact the sun to avoid the paint film falling off .

Mobile office shelving

Methods of maintaining mobile shelves in summer

1. In daily life, we can use a dry and soft cotton cloth to wipe off the dust on the surface of the mobile shelf. After a period of time, we can use a wet cloth that has been wrung out of moisture to wipe off the dust on the corners of the mobile shelf. , and then wipe it with a clean dry soft muslin cloth.

2. For mobile shelves, the most worrying thing is dragging. If it is an ordinary mobile shelf, the bottom needs to be shaken. If it is a large mobile shelf, please ask for help, and split and move it. Do not move blindly by yourself, otherwise it will damage the shelves and have a serious impact on our economy.

3. In the rainy weather, the room where the mobile shelves are placed should have as few windows as possible, especially in the south where the air is humid. After the archives are stored with dense shelves, it is essential to have an archives dehumidifier.

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