Aluminum alloy cylinder head casting

The factory refers to the casting mold as the “mother of casting”, which can be said to be a high-level summary of the role and status of casting molds in casting production. It is called “mother”. One of them is because in the factory, all the castings are made by molding the sand mold, and there is no casting mold without casting. Second, the castings always have the “hereditary” of the casting mold. The dimensional accuracy of the casting, the surface roughness and even some casting defects are directly related to the quality of the casting mold.

(1) Dimensional accuracy


The castings are made according to the mold, and the dimensional error of the mold is reflected on the casting without exception. Especially for some complex castings, due to the use of multiple casting molds (outer mold and core box), the cumulative error will seriously affect the dimensional accuracy of the casting. The pursuit of “zero error” in casting molds is very important.

(2) Surface roughness


The smooth surface of the casting mold can not only improve the mold release performance, thereby reducing the core rejection rate, improving the production efficiency, and obtaining a smooth cavity or sand core, which is advantageous for obtaining a smooth surface casting.

(3) Casting defects


Some casting defects may be caused by poor quality of casting molds. For example, the surface of the mold has a negative degree of unevenness and unevenness, which will result in poor mold release, damage to the surface of the mold and even blisters; mold mounting deviation or locating pin (set) wear Causes misalignment, extrusion, and blisters; the random fabrication or installation of the gating system causes the metal flow to deviate from the process design requirements, which may cause defects such as porosity, shrinkage, and the like.

In casting production, process-casting mold-equipment is an inseparable system, and good process design relies on casting molds.

Similarly, a crappy process design may result in a well-machined casting mold being scrapped due to the inability to produce a qualified casting. The proper fit of the casting mold and equipment is just as important. Therefore, in determining the process plan and designing the process, it is necessary to start the preparation of the casting mold and equipment at the same time, that is, it is necessary to implement parallel engineering. Because of this, some domestic enterprises have introduced core boxes at the same time as the introduction of core making machines, and introduced some complex casting molds (such as cylinders) as well as process design.

In the modern society where innovation is becoming the main theme of economic development, the product renewal cycle is shortening and new products are emerging one after another. This requires the manufacturing industry to adapt to it and develop rapidly. High-quality, high-precision molds are an important guarantee for the production of high-quality castings.