Vibrating screen is a kind of filtering mechanical separation equipment. It has a wide range of applications and is often used in mining, coal, smelting, building materials, chemical industry, light industry, food, medicine and other industries.

Although the vibrating screen is widely used in our lives, many people are not clear about its structure and working principle. Next, the vibrating screen manufacturer will introduce the structure and working principle of the vibrating screen to you.

The structure of the vibrating screen

Linear vibrating screen

1. Vibration exciter

The main function of the exciter is to enable the working body to vibrate continuously. There are generally two types of vibration exciters for uniaxial vibrating screen and biaxial vibrating screen according to the eccentric reconfiguration method.

2. Sieve box

The screen box of the vibrating screen is mainly composed of the screen frame, the screen surface and its pressing device. The screen frame is composed of side plates and beams, which need to have sufficient rigidity.

3. Supporting device

There are two types of support devices for vibrating screen: seat type and hanging type. Because the seat type installation is relatively simple, and the installation height is also low, the seat type support is preferred. The support device of the vibrating screen is mainly composed of elastic elements, commonly used are coil springs, leaf springs and rubber springs.

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