Three-dimensional cultivation is also called vertical cultivation. Three-dimensional soilless cultivation is carried out by using three-dimensional growing racks. This kind of cultivation is carried out under the condition of not affecting the plane cultivation. Gradient layered cultivation, developing towards space, making full use of greenhouse space and solar energy to improve land utilization by 3~5 liters, which can increase the yield per unit area by 2~3 times.

Soilless culture is suitable for three-dimensional cultivation because of its light substrate and easy automation of the nutrient solution supply system. The three-dimensional growing rack is also called the three-dimensional growing tank, the three-dimensional growing tank for seedlings, and the soilless cultivation tank.

Grow racks

First, the classification of planting racks:

Growing racks can be used for various forms of growing, 1. Three-dimensional elevated type 2. Hanging growing type 3. Planting type flat on the ground; three-dimensional growing grooves can be used for soilless three-dimensional cultivation and planting, with matrix fertilizer or nutrient solution in the groove. The seedling matrix tank can be used for standing seedlings in greenhouses and common terrestrial seedlings.

Material: Environmentally friendly PVC

Size: large, small

Size: Top slot Height: 25cm Top width: 30cm Bottom width: 20cm

Side Slot Height: 16cm Top Width: 20cm Bottom Width: 12cm

Thickness: 3.0mm-3.5mm

Length: 3 meters, 4 meters, 6 meters, can be produced according to customer needs, the length is not limited

color: White

Applicable: greenhouse planting, balcony vegetable garden, greening engineering, horticulture, flower garden nursery, etc.

Features: flame retardant, anti-corrosion, lightweight, durable, high light, convenient construction

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