The vibrating screen can only be operated in accordance with the correct safety regulations in the process of use to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Today, the vibrating screen manufacturer will introduce to you what are the safety operation regulations of the high-frequency vibrating screen that we need to abide by!

Precautions for the installation of high-frequency vibrating screen

Linear Vibrating Screen

(1) When the vibration exciter is installed and repaired, it must not be beaten hard or be different, and ensure that the original bearing is used and not interchangeable.

(2) The thickness and quantity of the eccentric block or counterweight plate attached to the eccentric block must be the same, and the radial clearance of the bearing should be C3 grade.

(3) The connection between the universal joint and the vibration exciters on both sides must be concentric, the eccentric blocks on both sides are in the free plumb position, and the universal joint connecting bolts can pass through smoothly; if there is any deviation during installation, check the universal joint Whether the joints at both ends of the section are concentric, do not swing the eccentric block angle for installation.

(4) The vibrating screen should be installed with springs with the same stiffness. The spring stiffness on both sides of the feeding end and the discharging end should be as consistent as possible, and the allowable height difference does not exceed 3mm.

(5) Both sides of the support seat of the rubber spring of the vibrating screen should be in the same horizontal plane, and the error is between 2-4mm to ensure that the materials on the screen surface advance evenly.

(6) When using electric welding to install or disassemble parts, the ground wire must be directly fixed on the workpiece to be welded and as close as possible to the welding point, and the welding current must not pass through any bearings or joints.

(7) In principle, welding should not be carried out on the side plate. According to the current environment, if connecting components are required, the side plate should be drilled and then connected with bolts.

(8) Universal joints must be concentric, and protective devices must be installed to prevent them from breaking and falling out and hurting people.

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