The tank body of the water tank truck is generally made of high-quality carbon steel plate, and the thickness of the plate is generally between 4-6mm. In order to improve the corrosion resistance and service life of the steel tank body, corrosion-resistant materials or stickers can be sprayed on the inner surface of the tank Anti-corrosion lining is applied, and some measures are taken for anti-corrosion treatment.

Generally, the common methods for anti-corrosion treatment of water tank trucks are:

water tank truck

(1) Zinc coating: used for shipping gasoline, benzene, mixed xylene, cement, water, excrement and other materials.

(2) Painting: Due to the filling of water, cement, excrement and other materials

(3) Tin coating: used for shipping light oil, heavy oil, lubricating oil and other petroleum products.

(4) Lead-coated: Pure lead is a very good corrosion-resistant material. Lead-coated tanks are suitable for shipping dilute sulfuric acid and benzyl chloride, but not for hydrochloric acid and alkalis. Lead and its alloys are poisonous and should not be in contact with food items. They are also harmful to the human body, and protective measures should be taken when using them.

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