Welding accessories are tools and equipment that complement the primary welding equipment and ensure the safety and efficiency of the welding process.

Welding accessories types

Welding Helmet: Protects the welder’s eyes and face from sparks, heat, and UV radiation. Auto-darkening helmets are popular for their ability to automatically adjust the shade of the lens.

Welding Gloves: Made from heat-resistant materials, welding gloves protect the hands from sparks, heat, and molten metal. They are essential for the welder’s safety.

Welding Jacket or Apron: Provides additional protection for the upper body, preventing burns and sparks from reaching the skin.

welding accessories

Welding Sleeves: These are worn on the arms to protect against sparks and UV radiation. They can be separate sleeves or integrated into a welding jacket.

Welding Boots: Heat-resistant and steel-toed boots protect the feet from sparks and heavy falling objects.

Welding Curtain or Screen: Used to create a barrier or partition in the welding area, protecting others from welding sparks and glare.

Welding Table: A stable and heat-resistant surface for placing the workpiece during welding. It often includes clamps or fixtures to hold the workpiece in place.

Chipping Hammer and Wire Brush: Used for removing slag and spatter from the welded area after the welding process is complete.

More detailed information about common types of welding accessories can be found here: https://www.bota-weld.com/en/a/news/welding-accessories-types.html