Welding column and boom systems, also known as welding manipulators, are versatile pieces of equipment used in various industries to facilitate the welding process, especially for large or complex workpieces. These systems consist of a vertical column and a horizontal boom that can move in different directions to position the welding head accurately.

Welding Column and Boom Systems Application

welding column boom

Shipbuilding and Offshore:

Hull Fabrication: Welding large sections of ship hulls and offshore structures.

Pipelines and Risers: Welding long seams on pipes and risers used in offshore drilling and production.

Power Generation:

Boilers and Pressure Vessels: Welding large boilers and pressure vessels used in power plants.

Wind Turbines: Welding components of wind turbine towers and nacelles.

Oil and Gas:

Storage Tanks: Welding large storage tanks for oil, gas, and other petrochemicals.

Pipeline Construction: Welding sections of pipelines used for transporting oil and gas.

Construction and Infrastructure:

Steel Structures: Welding large steel beams and columns for buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure projects.

Cranes and Heavy Equipment: Welding components of cranes, excavators, and other heavy machinery.

Automotive and Transportation:

Truck and Trailer Frames: Welding large frames and chassis for trucks and trailers.

Railcars: Welding components of railcars and other railway equipment.


Aircraft Components: Welding large components of aircraft, such as fuselage sections and wings.

Rocket and Spacecraft Construction: Welding structural components of rockets and spacecraft.

Manufacturing and Fabrication:

Heavy Machinery: Welding frames and components of heavy machinery used in various industries.

Fabrication Shops: Welding large assemblies and sub-assemblies in custom fabrication projects.


Mining Equipment: Welding large parts of mining equipment like draglines, shovels, and conveyor systems.

Ore Processing Plants: Welding structural components of ore processing facilities.

Features and Benefits of Welding Column and Boom

welding column boom

Precision and Accuracy:

Controlled Movement: The column and boom provide precise movement, allowing the welding head to be positioned accurately for high-quality welds.

Automated Welding: Often integrated with automated welding systems, ensuring consistent and repeatable welds.

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