A circular vibrating screen operates using a motor to drive an eccentric shaft, which creates a circular motion of the screen. This motion causes the materials on the screen to move in a circular path, facilitating the separation of particles based on size. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how a circular vibrating screen works.

Working principle of circular vibrating screen

circular vibrating screen

Motor and Eccentric Shaft: The operation begins with an electric motor that drives an eccentric shaft. This shaft is not centered, meaning its axis of rotation is offset. As the motor rotates the shaft, the eccentric design causes the shaft to move in a circular motion.

Screen Frame: Attached to the eccentric shaft is a screen frame that holds one or multiple screening surfaces or meshes. As the eccentric shaft rotates, it imparts a circular motion to the screen frame.

Vibration: The circular motion generated by the eccentric shaft creates vibrations in the screen frame. These vibrations are transmitted through the screen surface.

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