A “square bottom machine” typically refers to a type of packaging equipment used for producing square-bottom bags or pouches. Square-bottom bags are commonly used in various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, pet food, and more, for packaging products such as snacks, powders, grains, and liquids.The square bottom machine automates the process of forming and sealing the bags, providing efficiency and consistency in bag production.

Working principle of square bottom machine

Material Feeding

The machine takes in a roll of flat packaging material, such as laminated films or paper, which is usually pre-printed with branding or product information.

Bag Forming

The packaging material is fed through a series of rollers and guides that fold and form it into a tubular shape. The edges of the material are sealed together to create a continuous tube.

Bottom Folding

The machine then folds the bottom of the tube to create a flat, square-shaped base. This folding process is often done using mechanical or pneumatic systems.

HT120-IA Paper Tube Machine

Bag Sealing

Once the square bottom is formed, the machine applies adhesive or heat sealing to secure the folded bottom. Heat sealing is commonly used with plastic films, while adhesive or glue is used for paper-based materials.

Bag Cutting

After the bottom is sealed, the machine cuts the continuous tube of material into individual bags of the desired length. This can be achieved through a variety of cutting mechanisms, such as rotary knives or reciprocating blades.

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