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How to choose a tanker manufacturer?

Nowadays, there are many tanker sales manufacturers, and the quality of production varies. Some tank truck manufacturers are shoddy and have frequent after-sales problems. How to circumvent those product traps and choose a satisfactory tanker has become a headache for every car owner. Let’s let the editor of the tanker sales manufacturer CIMC Linyu solve […]

Ten knowledge of concrete mixer truck, how many do you know?

What should I pay attention to when driving a concrete mixer truck? To drive a concrete mixer truck, for experienced drivers, general knowledge of safe driving is good. What I want to remind here is that because the concrete is fluid, when the vehicle turns sharply, the speed must be reduced to prevent the centrifugal […]

What are the parts of the reduced iron briquetting machine?

The reduced iron briquetting machine is mainly used to directly cold-press metallurgical powders such as reduced iron into 3-6 kilograms of cylindrical or other shaped cakes under high pressure, which is convenient for storage, transportation and transportation, and is more convenient for the reduction of iron during the smelting process. The problem of not sinking […]

How does the metal briquetting machine work?

The metal briquetting machine is a professional machine and equipment for forming metal powder materials in many fields such as the metallurgical industry and the energy industry. After the pressed metal powder is molded, it is very convenient and efficient in the use process. It also plays a role in the reuse of metal powder […]

What are the advantages of super-high pressure briquetting machine products?

The super-high pressure briquetting machine can also be called a large-scale pulverized coal briquetting machine. It is a device that can press powdered granular materials into balls. The molding machine does not need to add a binder during the production process, and can be quickly and stably formed. The hardness of the finished ball can […]

Description of the internal structure of the compound crusher

The compound crusher has a large crushing ratio, and the maximum crushing ratio can reach the output particle size. It can be adjusted arbitrarily, and is not affected by the hammer and liner wear; the structure adopts a non-screen setting, which crushes materials with high moisture content and large mud content. It is not easy […]

What is the principle of magnetic bead method for nucleic acid extraction

The binding of nucleic acid to magnetic beads mainly relies on electrostatic, hydrophobic and hydrogen bonding. The DNA/RNA in the cell or tissue is released under the action of the lysis solution. At this time, the surface-modified superparamagnetic silica nanomagnetic beads “specifically bind” with nucleic acid to form a “nucleic acid-magnetic bead complex”. Then under […]

What is nucleic acid

There are many types of nucleic acid extraction kits,such as bacterial genomic DNA extraction kit ,whole blood genomic DNA nucleic acid extraction kit and etc. Today, we will mainly introduce the principle, use method and specific steps of the magnetic bead method nucleic acid extraction kit. Nucleic acids are widely present in all animals, plant […]

Introduction of Lining Trolley Walking System

The lining walking system consists of two parts, active and passive, with a total of four sets of devices installed under the four-door frame. When the trolley travels, the power is provided by the front two sets of active traveling mechanisms, the traveling motor drives the reducer, and then the active traveling mechanism is driven […]

What are the commonly used tunnel construction equipment?

Now, the degree of mechanization of tunnel construction is relatively high. Generally speaking, the commonly used tunnel construction equipment mainly includes: concrete mixing station, concrete transport truck, concrete pump, generator set, large-capacity transformer, high-lift pump, and constant pressure water supply equipment , Large electric air compressors, rock drills, high-power ventilators, dump trucks, side-turn loaders, excavators, […]