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The difference between wheel worm slewing drive and spur gear slewing drive

Worm gear slewing drive and spur gear slewing drive are both highly integrated modular rotary reducers. Users do not need to purchase individual parts one by one and then assemble them into products with worm gear slewing drive and spur gear slewing drive functions. Reduce unnecessary production preparation procedures, greatly improve production efficiency. In a […]

Introduction to the heat treatment process of double row ball slewing bearing

The double-row ball slewing bearing is called “mechanical joint” in the machinery industry. It is the primitive mechanical transmission necessary for relative rotation between two objects, and can bear axial force, radial force and overturning moment. Heat treatment of double-row ball slewing ring bearings and gears: The raceways of the double-row spherical slewing ring are […]

Instructions for Micro Sample Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit

The micro sample nucleic acid extraction kit is a kit specially used to extract DNA and RNA from various micro and trace samples. This kit uses a centrifugal adsorption column that can specifically bind nucleic acids and a unique buffer system. After the sample is lysed, the DNA is specifically bound to the silica gel […]

Nucleic acid extraction system application field

Nucleic acid extraction system, also called nucleic acid purification instrument, is an instrument that uses matching nucleic acid extraction reagents to automatically complete sample nucleic acid extraction. An instrument that has only been applied and promoted in recent years. Nucleic acid extraction system application field In almost every laboratory, the separation and purification work related […]

Introduction of Lining Trolley Traveling System

The lining trolley is driven by the driving wheel to wind the crawler and cyclically rotate, and it is a mechanism that supports the body. It is composed of crawler walking device and suspension. The lining trolley walking system often adopts the overall trolley walking system and the balancing trolley traveling system. The walking device […]

Remember these 15 points to easily fix the tunnel lining disease

Tunnel lining construction is the key construction content of tunnel engineering, which is related to construction quality and construction safety. So what are the causes of common problems in tunnel lining construction? What preventive measures are there to ensure the quality of tunnel lining construction? Remember the following 15 points to easily avoid common problems […]

What are the types of tunnel construction equipment?

There are many commonly used tunnel construction equipment, such as tunnel lining trolleys, excavators, loaders, roadheaders, dump trucks, bulldozers, graders, concrete mixers, asphalt mixing plants, grab machines, conveyors, fans, and dust removal In addition, more advanced shield machines may also appear in tunnel construction. However, construction equipment is only a part. These construction equipment need […]

What is the difference between a worm gear reducer and a gear reducer?

Compared with the gear reducer, the worm gear reducer has a self-locking function. Worm gear reducers for lining trolleys are widely used in the mechanical field because of their self-locking function, such as tunnel lining trolleys, winches, packaging machines, printing machines, conveying equipment, and so on. However, it is also because of the frictional transmission […]

Safety technical measures and precautions for oil tank truck loading and unloading operations

In order to reduce the occurrence of tank truck loading and unloading accidents, a few precautions for tank truck loading and unloading operations are hereby posted: 1. Safety technical measures: (1) Reliable electrical connections and grounding should be made between the loading and unloading facilities of automobile oil tank trucks, including crane pipes, oil pipelines, and […]

The difference between a sewage suction truck and a septic tank truck

Many people think that there is no difference between a sewage suction truck and a septic tank truck. This is wrong. If you choose the wrong vehicle, it can cause inconvenience after buying the car, spend unnecessary expenses, or even use it, you must be sure before choosing a vehicle It is necessary to figure […]