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Definition of tunnel lining

Tunnel lining refers to a permanent structure that supports and maintains the long-term stability and durability of the tunnel. Its functions are: to support and maintain the stability of the tunnel; to maintain the space required for train operation; to prevent the weathering of surrounding rocks; to relieve the influence of groundwater. Therefore, the tunnel […]

Introduction of Tanker Sales Manufacturers

The tanker sales manufacturer Luoyang CIMC Linyu Automobile Co., Ltd. is located in Luoyang, the ancient capital of the Nine Dynasties, which is known as the “Millennium Peony City”. It is a company with more than 40 years of automobile production history. It is one of the backbone member companies of CIMC Vehicles (Group) Co., Ltd. (referred […]

Introduction to the performance of CIMC septic tank truck

A septic tank truck is a vacuum truck that removes spoilage waste from septic tanks, cesspools and chemical toilets (portable toilets) and disposes them at approved wastewater treatment sites. The CIMC septic tank truck is a dedicated vehicle that combines a powerful vacuum pump with a storage tank for sewage and wastewater.Start the vacuum pump, […]

Oil tank truck model introduction

Hit the point! This time the customer chose the exclusive model. Tailored according to customer needs, the oil tank truck is equipped with Jiefang J6P380 horsepower engine, super torque, providing surging power, while lower fuel consumption; using three well-known company hydraulic system, superior performance; in addition, Equipped with 8+5 beams, four-directional images, blind spot radar, […]

Introduction of Direct Reduced Iron Briquetting Machine

Reduced iron is a low-carbon porous substance in the form of refined iron powder reduced at low temperature in the furnace. It has stable chemical composition and low impurity content. It is mainly used as a raw material for electric furnace steelmaking. It is a high-quality raw material for smelting high-quality steel and special steel. […]

Introduction of metal briquetting machine

The main body of the metal briquetting press adopts a multi-cylinder linkage structure, with 1 main cylinder, 2 side cylinders, 1 cover cylinder, 1 turning cylinder, and 5 hydraulic cylinders in total. The main hydraulic cylinder pushes the pressure head to reciprocate back and forth, the side cylinder pushes the pressure head to reciprocate left […]

Introduction to the working principle of compound crusher

The compound crusher (composite crusher) is widely used in the crushing of various ore, cement, refractory materials, bauxite clinker, emery, glass raw materials, and special hard materials. It is widely used in the crushing scope of mechanism construction of sand and various metallurgical slags, and compared with other types of crushers, it has higher profitability. Principle of […]

Working principle of coal centrifuge

Coal centrifuge is a kind of dehydration equipment that uses the centrifugal force generated by mechanical rotation to realize the separation of solid-liquid mixture. The slime passes through the material inlet and passes through the distribution cone to make the space between the screen basket and the spiral discharge rotor. Under the action of centrifugal […]

Working principle of linear vibrating screen

The linear vibrating screen uses the vibration motor as the source of vibration power, so that the material is thrown up on the screen while moving forward in a straight line. The material enters the inlet of the screening machine evenly from the feeder, and generates data through the multi-layer screen. The oversieve and undersieve […]

Introduction to the performance of banana vibrating screen

The banana vibrating screen is a self-synchronizing heavy-duty equal-thickness screen. The screen box is similar to the shape of a banana. The screen beam adopts a box-shaped beam. The vibrator and the exciter are connected by an intermediate transmission shaft. Banana vibrating screen is widely used in coal grading, desliming, dewatering, de-intermediation, and can also […]