The traditional production process of calcium hydroxide is mainly based on manual production, but there are many disadvantages. With the development of society, the scale of mechanized production has gradually expanded, replacing manual production, and it has been widely used. Today, the editor of Zhongcai is here. Let me introduce to you the advantages of calcium hydroxide production line compared with traditional calcium hydroxide production process!


15T installation site of Weinan Yaobai Cement Plant

1. Pollution of the environment

Because it is produced by hand, a large amount of high-temperature steam and dust generated during the digestion process will permeate everywhere, and the pollution radius can reach more than 1,000 meters, causing serious damage to the forests and crops within the polluted area.

2. Affect health

Manual production is labor-intensive, the production environment is poor, and the pollution of dust and steam will affect the physical and mental health of production workers.

3. Low production efficiency

The efficiency of manual production is very low. On average, each person does not exceed 1 ton of finished calcium hydroxide during the day. The production scale is small, the average annual output is only a few hundred tons, and the larger scale is only about 5,000 tons. The demand of pharmaceutical food, petroleum, papermaking and other industries.

4. Unstable quality

Manual production is all judged by the experience of the staff. Everyone’s experience is different, so the quality of the finished products is uneven, sometimes good and sometimes bad, which cannot meet the requirements of the petrochemical industry and the fine chemical industry.

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