As a public chair with high frequency, auditorium chairs are widely used in auditoriums, conference rooms, theaters, cinemas and other places. Natural wear and tear is very common. How to reduce the wear and tear of auditorium chairs has become an auditorium chair. Manufacturers and customers worry about problems.

First of all, we must understand the wear resistance of auditorium chairs. This should be judged according to the information provided by auditorium chair manufacturers. Different wear resistance properties have different degrees of wear and tear, and the way of wear should also be understood. The wear mainly comes from the wear of the sponge, the wear of the footrest and the wear of the seat back plate.

The wear of sponge is often caused by insufficient load-bearing capacity or excessive load-bearing capacity, causing abnormal wear, failure to rebound, deformation, no bearing capacity, hardening, etc., all of which are sponge wear, and sponge wear is often irreversible. Therefore, to prevent the wear of the sponge, it is necessary to know the bearing capacity of the sponge. This can only be obtained after many tests by the manufacturer. Strictly complying with the data given by the manufacturer is the most effective way to prevent the sponge from wearing.

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The wear of the footrest is often caused by the oxidation of the writing board and the foot. To prevent the oxidation of the foot, it is necessary to maintain the indoor humidity, not too humid, because the metal and oxygen are more easily oxidized in a humid environment, and regularly check whether the foot is rusted. Once the signs of rusting are found, they should be treated with a solution that prevents rusting in time, and the writing board should also be regularly checked for wear and tear, and whether the joints are loose.

The wear of the seat back panel will come from changes in the environment, because the seat back panel is mostly wood and paint. If the environment is too dry and the temperature is high, the seat back panel will crack and lose the paint, and if the environment is too humid, it will become moldy and paint off. , so maintaining indoor temperature and humidity is an effective way to protect auditorium chairs and must not be underestimated.

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