In order to ensure the stable operation of the calcium hydroxide production line and ensure normal production, it is inseparable from the correct installation. For the installation requirements and precautions of the calcium hydroxide production line, the calcium hydroxide production line manufacturer gave us a detailed introduction. One Get up and find out!


GFX Stepped Case

1. Device positioning

According to the layout of the entire production line and the axis or edge line and elevation line of the building, the installation reference line is delineated. Equipment that is connected, connected or arranged with each other should release a common installation reference line; according to needs, the target board or reference point can be embedded, and the specific basic position line and elevation line can be set.

2. Overall inspection

After installation, check the overall equipment, check the coordinate position of the foundation, the elevations of different planes, the dimensions of the plane, the dimensions of the plane on the boss, the dimensions of the cavity, the level of the plane, the vertical degree of the foundation, and the pre-buried ground. The elevation and center distance of the anchor bolts, the center position, depth and vertical degree of the hole wall of the embedded anchor bolt hole, the elevation and center position of the anchor plate of the embedded movable anchor bolt, the grooved anchor plate and the threaded anchor plate. level, etc.

3. Preload test

The preload test is a preventive measure taken to prevent the installation of heavy equipment from unqualified installation due to uneven subsidence of the foundation after installation. The preload of the test is not less than the sum of the forces acting on the foundation of the equipment under full load operation. The points shall not be affected by the settlement of the foundation, and the observation points shall be no less than four points evenly distributed around the foundation. Observations should be timed and should be until the foundation is substantially stable.

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