The choice of grow rack is a key factor affecting plant growth. Choosing the right grow rack is especially important for plant growth. In addition to size, material, color, firmness, use period, shape, drainage and ventilation and other factors have an impact on the growth of plants.

Selection of grow rack types and specifications

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The growth rate of plants is closely related to the type and size of grow racks selected. For example, a large number of experiments have shown that the plant height and ground diameter growth of most plant species will increase with the increase of the size of the planting frame, but the rate varies according to the characteristics of the plants. Of course, in the case of meeting the needs of plant growth, we should also try to reduce the size of the grow rack to reduce the amount of substrate used, thereby reducing the cost of plants, and the cost of the grow rack itself should also be considered. Therefore, as long as the type and specifications of the planting frame are selected reasonably, the growth rate of the plants will not be inferior to that of the ground plants.

1. Size

In the process of plant growth, the size of the planting frame should not be sloppy. Some people use large grow racks from the beginning to save trouble, but large grow racks are more difficult to control in terms of water and fertilizer management. Small seedlings in large pots will not dry out when watered, and some areas will remain wet all the time, which will cause the soil to be impermeable and the root system of plants to grow, so it is not recommended to use it.

In order to save costs, some people choose to cultivate plants in smaller sizes, which are easy to root and pack, which is very detrimental to the root growth of seedlings. The size of the planter should be changed according to the growth of the plant and the positioning of the product, and it should not be too large or too small.

2. Color

The influence of the color of the planting frame on the growth of seedlings is mainly manifested in summer. If it is black, in summer, when exposed to sunlight, the temperature of the medium may exceed 48 degrees, and if it is white, the temperature of the medium can be appropriately lowered.

However, the white planting frame has relatively weak UV resistance, and the service life is not as long as the black one. Also, white planters are very light in color, and algae growing on the periphery of the medium will reduce the oxygen levels that promote root growth. Therefore, it is generally better to choose black. After choosing black, the work of shading in summer should be done well. In summer, you can choose to appropriately increase the density of plants, which will help the plants shade each other and reduce the temperature.

3. Material

In addition, the effect of the material of the planting frame on the growth of the plant is also obvious. Materials with good air permeability are definitely more conducive to the growth of seedlings. Especially in hot summer, if it is a material with good air permeability, it will help to reduce the growth temperature of plants.

How to choose a grow rack?

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