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The use of single-person bunk beds is very common, whether it is in school or in the staff dormitory or even some families may use single-person bunk beds, because this kind of bed can not only meet the use of multiple people, but also compares Save space and maximize the use of small space, so now many people choose to buy up and down the bed, so how should we choose when purchasing? What should I pay attention to when purchasing? How to choose the right one?

1. Ensure safety

Safety is still very important. Regardless of other factors when purchasing, first look at the safety of getting in and out of bed. Only after the safety meets the standard of use, it is not easy to have accidents during use, especially for some children. There will be bumps, so there should be no dangerous sharp edges and edges when getting on and off the bed, and edges and corners should be rounded or chamfered. The design of the corners of the upper and lower beds should be rounded to reduce the damage caused by bumps and ensure safe use.

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2. Guaranteed strength

The safety of getting in and out of bed is very important, and the strength of getting in and out of bed is also very important. If the strength is not enough, it will definitely be more prone to problems in the process of use, so when purchasing, you must look at the strength of getting in and out of bed. Whether it meets the standards, whether the edges and corners of the upper and lower beds are properly handled, and whether other designs are potentially dangerous to people.

3. Environmental protection and safety

In addition, the material, glue, paint and process of the upper and lower beds are very important, whether they contain harmful chemical substances, such as various common harmful heavy metals, benzene, phenol and free formaldehyde. Whether it is an adult or a child, these substances are harmful to the body, so you must pay attention when purchasing!

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