School dining tables and chairs also play an important role in the field of use and the scope of use. For example, wear resistance, antistatic performance and chemical resistance, etc. Among them, school dining tables and chairs with wear resistance are one of the products with a wide range of applications. So how do we repair the school dining table and chair wear

School dining tables and chairs have two wear methods: chiseling wear and high stress wear. Chiseling wear requires relatively high impact loads on fast food dining tables and chairs.


It is often used in the fields of ball mill lining, iron forging and lining bricks for vertical kilns. Since the impact force generated is not large, the wear form is mainly chiseling.

Therefore, when selecting materials, the hardness and wear resistance are mainly considered, and the wear resistance is mainly improved, but for high stress wear.

There are relatively high requirements for the hardness of the surface of school dining tables and chairs, to reduce the phenomenon of surface shedding and embrittlement, to resist the pressure caused by abrasives, and to enhance the service life and use effect.

We only understand the wear and tear of school dining tables and chairs. In the actual use process, we can avoid it through some methods to ensure the good use of the product and extend the service life of the product.