I don’t know if you have a very suitable desk when you study before. For students, a suitable desk is really a very necessary item, especially for children who are studying. So what is the standard for school desk and chair sets?

Desk height standard

Generally, the size of a single desk is about 60CM*110CM, and the height of the table is 71-75CM. The distance between the table and the bottom of the drawer is generally 12.5CM. If it exceeds this distance, people will be hit once they get up. If the desk is a wall-mounted desk, a light trough of about 10 cm can be installed at a distance of about 45 cm from the countertop, and a closet or bookshelf can be set above the light trough, so that the eyes will not be exposed to light. Stimulation can ensure sufficient light.


Desk height

If you are preparing desks for elementary school students, the height of the desk should preferably be adjustable, so that the desk can be adjusted according to the height of the students, so as to facilitate the healthy development of physical development, and the adjustable height of the desk is the best Control between 53-79CM, the width and depth of the desk top should be controlled between 120CM and 60CM.

In addition, it is best for the desk to be used that even the corners of the desk can be adjusted, because the best angle for writing on the desk is that the desk top can be tilted about 7 degrees, and the tilt angle of the desk when sitting in front of the desk for reading The best is 45 degrees. If the above-mentioned standards can be met, then this desk and chair can be called a standard desk and chair, and its height is also a good height.